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Ready to Join AFI and support the Aniridia syndrome community? Here's how:

​1. Read our Member Program brochure. 

should be reviewed to choose your level each year.  

2. Fill out our AFI registration form. Refer to your Member Program brochure when filling out the member registration and paying your annual fee. (Please do not fill out the form using your computer online preview. Download and fill out using Acrobat reader instead.)

​3. Send in your member fee by check or through our secure payment link.

Thank you for supporting our mission to improve the lives of people living with Aniridia Syndrome!

4. Set up your monthly sustenance donation per your chosen circle level.

Aniridia Foundation International has come a long way since 2001 - from starting as a support group to becoming internationally known for excellent education, advancing research and patient care. Due to our current partnerships with some of the best scientific and medical universities worldwide, we are moving to the next level in terms of funding needs and research data collection. One of our research programs, the AFI Medical Registry has been partially responsible for some of the latest Aniridia Syndrome findings, an integral part of published papers in medical and scientific journals, and many scientists are encouraged to do more research on Aniridia Syndrome because of this program. Our momentum is growing!

We are very fortunate to have many of the most brilliant, compassionate, “Aniridia Syndrome knowledgeable” physicians and researchers on our Medical / Scientific Advisory Council and we have the tools needed to advance research findings faster. We need to seize this opportunity and prove to them that AFI members will lead the way in pursuing research and patient care advancement. We cannot do this without the active participation of our members through volunteering, assisting in fundraising, and becoming monthly donors. This is a unique opportunity to make real progress...let's seize this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those affected.

The AFI Member Registration Form  
Our policy since 2015 has been to require annual registration to keep costs low by keeping our database up to date for mailings, etc. and for our members to indicate how they wish to be active in AFI. It is very important for physicians, researchers and corporations to see how we are leading and funding our Aniridia Syndrome movement. This inspires them to want to focus on aniridia research, continue medical advancements and have donors assist us with funding.

In 2018, we have created a new member level structure found in our member program packet which was mailed out to members – February is Low Vision Month so February will now be the month each year to renew member status – no more wondering when you filled out your member registration or when your member status expires.  

If you are not a current member or did not get the member program packet, please contact our office via our Contact Us page and request one. This packet will help provide information to fill out your member registration form correctly. Any incomplete registrations will not be processed.  

After reading the member program packet, to become an active member with AFI, please take a few minutes to fill out our electronic fillable form (How to column at right). These are fillable documents that you can type in, save and email back to us. Detailed instructions for submitting are in the form. Please note: Do not fill out the form using your computer online preview - download the pdf file and use Acrobat Reader instead.

We feel it is important that after joining AFI, you will get the most from our organization if you and your family get involved with volunteering, fundraising and donations. 

Through volunteering, you will be the first to see the latest research and medical information AFI advances and collects from all over the world. 

Fill out our Volunteer Application Form and help with our mission.

Through fundraising, you will be able to connect with other individuals and families with Aniridia Syndrome in our member community for support, and spread the word about aniridia to your closest family and friends.

Through donating, your money is invested nearly 100% into research, education, conferences and support, because of our very low administration costs. You can even designate a specific area you would like to contribute. 

Please visit Ways to Give to find out about our donation programs - even raise funds for AFI without spending a dime with our Amazon Smile designation if you use Amazon or using GoodSearch / GoodShop with Aniridia Foundation International as your charity.

It is up to all of us in the aniridia community to help bring advancements and awareness to the next level, to fulfill our ultimate mission of AFI and to ultimately find a cure.

Take our Hands, Walk with Us, Share our Dreams and Help Make a Miracle!
Join Aniridia Foundation International
New AFI member program, started in 2018! 
February (Low Vision Month) is the time for all to renew member status or to join the AFI.